About Aeris

The Aeris range of products brings decades of success in the lab to people, their businesses and their homes.


Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX Code: AEI) brings disruptive clean green technology to drive measurable improvements and changes in the performance and sustainability of the key assets in the built environment and those that occupy it.

We solve real-world problems more effectively than conventional toxic technologies - solutions uniquely based on validated, green, CleanTech approaches.


We are ASX listed, producing Australian-made solutions and patented technology. 


Our long pedigree in health care and hospitals is backed by our partnership with the globally recognised lab and research team at Novapharm.

At Aeris our team are world-leading experts in microbial control and application of long term residual protection and coatings. 


We solve real-world problems more effectively than conventional toxic technologies. It is uniquely based on validated, green, 'CleanTech' solutions.


We present our customers and partners with compelling reasons for implementation, driven by rapid ROI, innovative structure and finance that delivers cash flow positive outcomes from the date of installation.

We embrace technology and data, having made a direct investment in our AerisVIEW cloud-based network, which is uniquely scalable across all climate-controlled environments, buildings, trains, planes, trucks, and ships.

Aeris whole of system approach not only ensures systems perform better, last longer and cost less to run – but also helps building owners and managers create more sustainable built environment.


Aeris Environmental solutions deliver:


  • Healthier & cleaner air – using patented anti-microbial technology.
  • Energy reduction – with an integrated approach to HVAC&R system optimisation.
  • Cost savings – reduced operating costs, less maintenance and longer life of asset.
  • Trusted performance – environmentally safe and OH&S compliant with independent validation and certification from NATA, CSIRO, US EPA, HACCP, NSF.




    • AS/NZ3666 – Occupational Health & Safety 
    • AS4351:1996 – Completely biodegradable
    • HACCP food safety
    • AS/NZ 1668.2 Indoor air quality
    • AS/NZ 3666 – Microbial control (air-handling)
    • NATA accredited lab Corrosion Salt & Acid Spray Testing
    • USA Environmental Protection Agency
    • Singapore National Environmental Agency
    • Europe CE



Aeris Quality Policy


Aeris Environmental Ltd is a world leader in the development of products related to microbial remediation and protection of buildings as well as performance optimisation in the built environment with respect to energy usage. 


Aeris Environmental Ltd not only ensures that assets perform better, are safer, last longer and cost less to run – but also helps building owners and managers create more sustainable built environments. 


Aeris Management is committed to 


  1. Meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements 
  2. Continual improvement of the quality management system 
  3. Continual improvement of customer satisfaction Quality objectives have been put in place to support the achievement of the quality policy, which is regularly reviewed and amended as required. 


Implementation of a Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001:2015 standards is part of the organisation’s commitment to quality customer service. 


Signed: Peter Bush
Date: 14-02-2018

Meet the team


Board of Directors



Maurie is the Non-Executive Chairman of Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX:AEI). He has a 30-year track record of building successful companies in the Australasian healthcare market and is recognised as one of its most respected business executives.


Maurie has significant experience and an extensive network within the life-sciences, pharmaceutical and finance sectors, both in Australia and internationally. He is a Principal of GryphonCapital, an independent investment house that facilitates the financing and development of emerging healthcare-related entities.


Maurie is the Non-Executive Chairman of Nanosonics Limited (ASX:NAN) and the Non-Executive Deputy Chairman of Vectus Biosystems Limited (ASX:VBS), both of which are Australian Securities Exchange listed public companies. He is also a Founder and Director of Henry Schein Halas, a joint venture with the NASDAQ listed Henry Schein, Inc., the leading supplier of healthcare products in Australasia. Maurie is a Director of Novapharm Research and of Regional Health Care Group, along with other varied interests. 


Director since 2002 – appointed Chairman 2002.




Steven M.Sc from the UNSW in the field of Polymer Chemistry is a Non-Executive Director of Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX:AEI). He is the Technical Director of Novapharm Research. 


Steven has over 40 years of experience in commercial R&D in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and specialty industrial products. Under his technical direction, Novapharm Research has become a world-leader in infection control science. Steven holds a number of international patents. 


Director since 2002.



Bernard Stang (B.Arch) is a Non-Executive Director of Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX:AEI). 

He is a Co-Founder and Director of the Regional Health Care Group of companies. Bernard serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Stangcorp Pty Ltd, Stoneville Ltd and Brunswick Property Pty Ltd, which are key property entities in the Stang Group. 


He manages a broad portfolio of investments in the private and listed sectors, and has enjoyed over 40 years of operational leadership in successful healthcare businesses. Bernard serves as a Director of Novapharm Research. 


He is a Director of Weizmann Australia, which represents the Weizmann Institute of Science in Australia, and the Institute has recently established the Garvan-Weizmann Centre of Cellular Genomics in Sydney, in a joint venture with the Garvan Institute. 


Bernard served as a Non-Executive Director of Nanosonics Limited (ASX:NAN) until 2007 and as a Non-Executive Director of Vectus Biosystems Limited (ASX:VBS) until late 2016. Director since 2002.



Peter B.Com, (CA) is the Chief Executive Officer, Alternate Director for M and B Stang, and Chief Financial Officer, of Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX:AEI). 


He is a Non-Executive Director of Vectus Biosystems Limited (ASX:VBS). Peter previously acted as the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Vectus and Accugen Pty Limited. 


He is also an Executive Director and the Chief Financial Officer of The Regional Health Care Group and GryphonCapital. Regional Health Care Group is a diversified healthcare product supplier, with successful businesses across a range of medical, pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and research and development sectors. GryphonCapital is an independent investment house that facilitates the financing and development of emerging healthcare-related entities. 


Peter began his career working for five years at BDO, a global accounting and consulting firm, and has since spent several years working in the industry. He holds a number of private directorships and board positions. Alternate Director since 2011.



Robert Waring (BEc, CA, FCIS, FFin, FAICD) was appointed to the position of Company Secretary of Aeris Environmental Ltd (ASX:AEI) in 2002. 


His experience has been gained over 40 years in financial and corporate roles, including over 25 years in company secretarial roles for ASX-listed companies and over 19 years as a Director of ASX-listed companies. 


Robert has over 30 years of experience in industry and, prior to that, spent 10 years with an international firm of chartered accountants. He is a director of Oakhill Hamilton Pty Ltd, which provides secretarial and corporate advisory services to a range of listed and unlisted companies. 


Robert is also presently the Company Secretary of ASX-listed companies Vectus Biosystems Limited (ASX:VBS), Xref Limited (ASX:XF1) and Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB).

Aeris Environmental Ltd - Australian Business Unit


Peter Bush – CEO
Gopinath Nayak – CFO
Blair Milnes – Commercial Manager – AU/NZ
Michael Kritzler – Technical Manager
Scott Gregson – Corrosion Protection Services
Wayne Midson – IAQ & Remediation
Lizann Vailasi – National IAQ Consulting Senior Project Manager
Ian Braby – Business Development – Products & Services
Dan Kritzler – Technical Product Specialist
David Ayris – QLD IAQ Project Manager
Sabrina Ayana – Marketing Coordinator

Corporate Overview


Aeris Environmental Ltd Corporate Overview


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